The financial crisis has limited universal access to credit. Banks have introduced a more restrictive policy and raised requirements for applicants mainly for mortgage loans.

A similar situation occurs in the case of cash loans, which are already granted from 1 thous. USD and the highest amount USD 200,000 can be obtained from Good Finance Bank.

A quick injection of cash


“Cash” is a quick injection of cash, because as the Good Credit bank advertises, credit-granting decisions are made in just 10 minutes.

Short waiting times are a very important feature of credit, but you should also analyze other parameters and, most importantly, do not make such a decision lightly. A quick decision can cost us a lot and long.

Preferential offer for existing bank customers


The cost of the loan is mainly determined by interest and commission, as well as other fees, such as insurance. The search for the most attractive loan should start with the bank whose services you use.

Financial institutions very often prepare a special, very attractive offer for their regular customers. Such a name is used for people who, for example, have kept a personal account at a given bank for a minimum of several months.

What’s more, banks can include bank cardholders of a given bank, deposits, investment units or people who already have and regularly repay another loan. It is important that the history of a given client with the bank is unqualified, i.e. without problems with paying off existing liabilities.

Reducing the commission charged on the loan


The bank may or may not reward a loyal customer. However, some institutions see such a need and reward the customer by preferential interest on loans and reducing the commission charged on the loan.

The second important cost is the commission. It is a cost ranging from 0% – 5% of the loan amount. The commission is charged in advance and may increase the loan amount or reduce what is paid out by the bank.

Almost all banks set the highest level of commission for new customers, i.e. 5%. There are, however, the bank offers where the commission is not charged, i.e. the rate is 0% – e.g. Good Credit – however, this is conditioned by using other products from the Banks’ offer.

Banks present more attractive offers to their regular customers because they have more information about them (they know the customer’s credit history).

However, this does not mean that the cheapest loan can be obtained from the bank where you have the current account or another account. Sometimes the competition’s offer is cheaper, but it entails the need to buy more bank products (e.g. bank account, insurance or credit card).

Let us remember that good cooperation with a bank always pays – measurable savings it usually brings when taking loans – regular customers just pay less!

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